What is the difference between an access control officer and a security officer?  The simple answer is in the expectation of the client and the community.  Over the last several years the terminology security officer has been modified to access control officers.  As their main duty is to control  the access to the property via a gate or entryway, it makes sense to classify officers on what their actual funtion is. 

These officers are still licensed security officers and have the same training as with any security personnel licensed to perform security work, they receive additional training in the policies and procedures defined by our clients regarding access to their properties.

Security officers perform a variety of tasks from being a security presence to providing concierge service. Officers provide a sense of safety in that they are responsible for verifying who has access to a property and taking the necessary steps to confirm their identity. They perform rounds, check doors, document concerns, and report incidents.

As a concierge, they provide a much needed service to residents, guests, vendors, and customers. They greet anyone entering a property and provide approved information as defined by our clients in their rules and procedures. Information that is to be kept secure will not be divulged and unauthorized personnel will be turned away.